Tally Customization

Customized Solutions Based on Tally.Erp9
Customization is the key to make optimum usage of Tally.Erp9. By customizing, we can mold Tally.Erp9.to suit your requirements. Here are some solutions that we can offer based on Tally.Erp9.
  • Tally for Manufacturers
  • Tally for Traders
  • Accounting Solution
  • Tally SecurityVoucherwise
  • Tally SecurityAdvanced
  • Data Integration with other software

Tally for Manufacturer
Manufacturers can use Tally.Erp 9 for their accounting & inventory control operations. In short, the manufacturers can have their processes on-line in Tally starting from P.O. generation. GRN / GIN, Purchase Bill, Stores management, BOM, Sales & Dispatch are the functionalities those can be very well handled by Tally.Erp 9. Following are some of the ‘Customized’ features which are bundled together to fulfils Manufacturer’s requirements.

Manufacturer’s Requirements

  • Excise Invoice ( Pre-defined Format )
  • Sales Order ( Order Confirmation ) Document.
  • Stock Journal entry – Consumption to Production linking
  • Delivery Challan / G.I.N. customized formats
  • Purchase Order – customized formats
  • Loading sheet ( Packing List )
  • Purchase Order / Sales Order Pending Report ( party-wise )
  • Customization – Report of all the manufacturing expenses.
Tally for Traders
Tally.Erp 9 as it is meets almost all the requirements of traders. Following are some of the requirements which can be additionally customized for their requirements.
Trader’s Requirements
  • Trader’s Invoice ( Half page )
  • Trader’s Invoice ( Godown-wise ) – Godown address appearing on the Invoice
  • Reverse calculation on MRP in the Invoice
  • Automatic Rounding Off of the final amount in the Invoice
  • Free Quantity Report
  • Purchase Order / Sales Order Pending Report ( party-wise )
Accounting Solution
In accounts, the following additions can make Tally.Erp 9 even more ‘on-line’.
Accounting Requirements
  • Payment Voucher – Customized format
  • Reminder Letters with highlighted Overdue bills ( Bold fonts )
  • Bank Slip ( Deposit )
  • Bank Reconciliation with Cheque Number-wise Filtering
  • Separate Bank-date column in Bank-book

Tally SecurityVoucherwise

Tally.Erp 9 has a built-in access-control by allowing/disallowing the user to access the reports or make data-entry. Following are the features which can be further customized for optimum usage of Security features.
Security / Data Access Requirements
  • Voucher Level Security
  • Group Level security
  • Voucher Authorization

Tally SecurityAdvanced
In order make the workflows – complete on-line on Tally.Erp 9, setting of the work-flow rules is very much essential. Following are some of the examples of rules/setting with user-wise access restrictions

  • Blocking outward transaction if the stock is zero / negative
  • Blocking the order processing for particular customer who exceeds the credit limit
  • Stopping the transactions for the parties in case of any overdue bills.
  • G.R.N. not allowed if P.O. is not raised
  • Purchase Bill not allowed if P.O / GRN not made.

Data Integration with other software
Inorder to speed up accounting process we provide following solutions

  • Import price list from excel.
  • Automatic Bank Reconciliation
  • Import data from MS Access to Tally