Tally AMC

* Tally AMC

Under the Annual Maintenance Contract (can be called as Annual service Contract ) is the Service contract for Tally in which we provide the on-site support, training, trouble-shooting for Tally problems.

* Data Integration

Tally data can be interfaced with external software directly or indirectly. Tally does have the Data import / export features with the help of which, data can be sent out or taken in Tally. We can provide an intermediate software (middleware ) to get the outside data from other application software & push into Tally database directly.

* Tally – Data Synchronization

A number of small and medium-sized businesses operate from more than one location. This gives rise to a need for updating their data at all the locations, to ensure that the business runs efficiently and successfully. Tally can cater to such needs by way of Synchronization.

Data Synchronization is a process where data is replicated between multiple locations over the Internet or any private network. During this synchronization process, newly entered / updated vouchers move from one location to the other and vice versa along with the required masters.

In Tally, Data Synchronization can be done in two ways:

* Using Tally Link Server which is available on a public IP address.
* Using private network.